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Traditional pairing

I had a foie gras entier I bought in Paris that needed to be consumed. You don't often get 100% foie gras in North America.

So I baked two breads to serve it with, a walnut raisin, and a cranberry banana.

I then decanted a 1983 Sauternes to accompany the foie gras. The cork was very soft and disintegrating and there was some ullage so I was concerned. Took some TLC to remove that venerable cork. I see why you really should replace corks every few decades. Despite the ullage the wine was sound and had solid acidity. I just opened a Sauternes from a bottler - Alexis Lichine - but I tasted this wine years ago and in 1987 when I bought it the 1983 represented great value.

This wine proves to me that 1983 was good year for Sauternes. Can't wait to try my Sudirault or Broustet with another foie gras. Dark gold with honey, dried apricots. First the nose promises sweetness, there is sweetness in the middle and a dry crisp acidic finish but unfortunately not a lot of length. The wine is past its prime and if I had any more I would see to it :) This would make a nice aperitif. Good mouth fill.

Plating the liver I included some walnuts and some homemade black raspberry preserves.

Oh by the way the foie gras was amazing - we loved it. My other half can't wait till we have it again. First I turned him on to truffles. Now foie gras. *$$$* Whine...
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