Anubis Coyote (anubisfur) wrote in wine_furs,
Anubis Coyote

Independence day tastings

Nightflurry came to visit this weekend, and as usual we opened a few bottles :) Here are our notes:

2007 Joseph Drouhin Pouilly-Fuisse
$28 retail

This is my absolute favorite white wine. While I am partial to dry Reislings in general, this Chardonnay is amazing. I normally stay away from Chardonnays due to the objectionable (to my taste at least) oak flavors that they pick up in the cask, but this unoaked Chardonnay is a winner. A strong mineral component, with hints of apricot and good deal of pear on the nose, this wine will pair well with any sort of pasta, fish, and especially GARLIC. I almost wish I had saved it for a nice northern Italian meal, but even by itself this wine is delicious and refreshing. Its intoxicating aroma of exotic fruit and its delicious, tart and refreshing body make it a great summertime wine. It finishes cleanly of course, and leaves just a little bit of that great mineral taste on your palate.

2006 Red Knot Shiraz
$13 retail

This is a very big shiraz. A quick sniff reveals tobacco, smoke, black pepper and plums - quite spicy as you might expect, and the nose is VERY big. Just a brief sniff will overwhelm you - this is exactly the type of wine that excites me. A sip reveals fairly harsh tannins - as you would predict from a wine with such strong tobacco notes on the nose. However, as it fades, the plum flavor moves in and stays for an extra long finish. I was honestly quite impressed - this wine is fairly simple and an excellent example of a shiraz (big and bombastic spiciness), but the nice LONG tart plum finish was quite unexpected and definitely a delight. For the price, an excellent shiraz!

P.S. Nightflurry agrees but would add that it also smells of black cherries on the back end.

The night is young - more to come perhaps? We just opened a bottle of Cupcake dry Reisling, so count on an update soon!
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