Tim (nightflurry) wrote in wine_furs,

Pinot Grigio!

2008 Chateau Grand Traverse Pinot Grigio.
Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan.

Another in my Michigan wine review series, as it were.

It has a little more viscosity than I expected. Smell is melon and peach.

Taste is aforementioned melon, with some pear. It's surprisingly light bodied and laid back for a Michigan wine, which often seem like they're trying too hard. Finish is short, and a little bit minieral-ish and sour, but not enough to mess anything up.

I gotta say, of the Pinot Grigio I've had this is hands down my favorite. This is probably also the best of the Michigan wine's I've tasted, and one of the better ones I've had overall. Very nicely done.

There's not much to say about it, it's simple, unassuming, not complicated. But it's just good! Buy it!
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